• Please let us know of any difficult access to either pick up or delivery address, as it can add significantly to the time it takes to do your move.

• Your Removalist will contact you for advice on how they are going with the time.

• Sometimes for unforeseen reasons we might be later from the estimated time of arrival, we do not give discounts for that reason alone.

• We reserve the right to refuse or stop the job if our staffs are abused in any way verbally.

• Remember if you are moving into a storage facility, it will take a bit longer from what you may initially think, as everything needs to be packed

  and stacked again.

• Be present or represented throughout the collection and delivery of the removal.

• Please ensure there are no kids around while moving.

• Our team are fully trained and experience, but as you know small things like small scratches might likely happen to the wall or the furniture if

  the items are too heavy or large in size. 






   Accidental and Handling Insurance

• As our company takes most care of your possessions, accidents can still happen. As all removalists, Big Removalist Specialist is unable to

  accept any responsibility for damage to uninsured goods. The government ACT require the insurance to be taken out directly from the

  customer. Some Home Contents Insurance, cover your possessions for these cases. Otherwise we recommend you to insure your own

  furniture / goods.

• Please note that insurance needs to be organized 3 days prior to your move.

• All our trucks at Big Removalist Specialist have transit Insurance, which covers against damage to your goods rising while in transit, in case

  of a motor accident, fire, flood etc.

• Plasma & LCD TV’s, are highly recommended to be packed in their original box.

• If you request us to dismantle and reassemble furniture or move them over a balcony (balcony lift) or window, any damage that may occur

  to your belonging or property is at your own risk and we at Big Removalist Specialist will not be held responsible.

• Our removals team will not move possessions that have not been safely packed and ready to move.

• We are strictly governed by work safe, If you have booked 2 men removal services and items are heavier than a 2 man lift, we will not move

   these items. 





• The payment must be made upon the completion of the job by cash or credit card. (No cheques accepted)

• MasterCard or Visa, Debit, credit card payments attract a processing fee of 3%.

• The amounts we quote you, or charge you, are GST included.

• Direct Credit can be made only, for fixed quotes and has to be cleared by the day before the move. Please advise office to organise.

• 3 hours minimum charges applies for a job.



• Extra charges apply for balcony lifts.

• Fuel levy will apply for long distance moves; will be advised at time of booking if any apply.

• All toll and parking charges incurred are payable by the customer.

• If street parking is required, please try to park your car there over night to hold a spot for the truck. We cannot accept parking fines if no

  parking is available, it will be added to the bill.

• Fixed quotes are based on the information you have provided. If any information you provide to us at the time of the booking is incorrect,

  we may add charges to cover the additional services we are requested to perform.

• Cancellation fees will be incurred when the customer cancels a job with less than 48 hours’ notice The Cancellation fees will be $100 unless

  you rebook again with us then it will be free of charge.

• In the unlikely event payment is not made when due we will advise you in writing at your address last known to us and we will have the

  right to sell your goods by public auction without further notice to you and to deduct all moneys due to us.

• By law staff are entitled to a 30 minute lunch break payable by client if move takes more than 6 hours.

• 2 hour fee applies for last minute cancellations.





We may change this terms and conditions at any time without notification.