Free Boxes & Labels



When you move with Big Removalist Specialist you will get unlimited free boxes, you can keep the boxes up to 28 days free of charge,
7 days prior to your move and up to three weeks after you move There will be $5 bond on each box you get, you can either pick up the
boxes from our office or we can deliver the boxes to you with a charge of $35 +GST (Sydney Metro), you also entire of getting free




      Terms and conditions:

·       You must only write on the label and not the box itself.

·       The bond of the boxes you get must be paid on a pick up or delivery day.

·       Your bond will be refund to you when you return the boxes in good conditions.

·       you can keep the boxes that you need, it will cost $5 a box.

·       For any dirty or damage boxes there will be a charge of $5 a box.

·       If there is any cancelation of the move after you get the boxes, you will be full charged regardless if you return 

       those boxes or not.

·       If the boxes are not returned after 28 days after your moving date you will be full charged.

·       Our removals accept no liability for the cartons supplied and they are used at your own risk.